Building Country Safeguard Systems Briefing Note No. 2: Strengthening Country Safeguard Systems for Effective Environmental Management

Publication | May 2016

Countries and multilateral financial institutions alike recognize the need to establish and implement legal and administrative frameworks that assess potential risks and manage the impacts of development projects on the environment.

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ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) highlights strengthening the environmental and social safeguards of developing member countriers as a development objective in itself. It also paves the way for the application of country safeguard systems (CSS) to ADB-financed projects in lieu of ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement requirements. Doing so can reduce transaction costs, enhance country ownership, and help ensure the long-term sustainability of development activities. However, use of CSS is neither automatic nor mandatory and requires assessment of equivalence and acceptability.

About this publication

This briefing note is part of a series on country safeguard systems for effective environmental management, protection of displaced persons, safeguarding indigenous peoples, strengthening capacity, as well as ADB’s efforts to support its developing member countries in strengthening their environmental and social safeguards.

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  • ADB administration and governance
  • Safeguards
  • ARM168045-2

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