Building Country Safeguard Systems Briefing Note No. 5: Strengthening Capacity to Apply Country Safeguard Systems

Publication | May 2016

Country safeguard systems covering environmental assessment, involuntary resettlement, and indigenous peoples, are a cornerstone of socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth.

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ADB and other development partners have been working with developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to establish or improve their country safeguard systems (CSS) for several decades. This has been done through project support, policy dialogue, and technical assistance. Most countries have made tremendous progress on environmental laws and regulations and are also advancing on involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples’ issues.

Capacity to deliver on these safeguards is also developing, although it varies widely across countries and sectors. In the context of rapid economic growth, already fragile environmental and ecological conditions, and diverse social changes in Asia and the Pacific, the challenge now is to further strengthen these CSS to incorporate regional and international good practices for more positive development outcomes.

About this publication

This briefing note is part of a series on country safeguard systems for effective environmental management, protection of displaced persons, safeguarding indigenous peoples, strengthening capacity, as well as ADB’s efforts to support its developing member countries in strengthening their environmental and social safeguards.

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