Dams and Development: A Source of Information, Guidance, and Weblinks Related to Planning and Implementing Dam Projects

Publication | March 2006

Dams continue to be one of the most controversial topics in the water sector—there has been much debate about the benefits and impacts of dam projects.

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Dams as a technology cannot be ignored. They continue to provide much needed services—water, electricity, agriculture, and flood management. However, one should also be keenly aware of the associated social and environmental impacts that need to be addressed. It is hoped that this e-paper, which is available on the internet and compact disc, will assist you in making constructive and informed choices in planning and implementing dam projects and their alternatives.


  • Foreword
  • Some Tips on Using the E-paper
  • Why an E-paper on Dams and Development?
  • Assessing Options - the First Step
  • Participatory Processes - Involving People
  • Social impacts - Beyond Resettlement
  • Environmental Impacts - Avoid, Minimize, Mitigate
  • Benefits Distribution - Who Gets What?
  • Dam Safety and Sustainability
  • Existing projects - A Development Opportunity
  • Improving Governance in the Water Sector
  • What Other Organizations Say
  • ADB, Dams and Development

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  • Water
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