From Dependency to Sustainability

Publication | December 2008
From Dependency to Sustainability

This publication documents how the mine area community mobilized three generations of mine stakeholders and enhanced their capacity to support sustainable economic development in the years leading up to and beyond the closure of the mine.

The Star Mountain Investment Holding Limited (SMIHL) is a Papua New Guinean (PNG) landowner holding company operating in Western Province, in the shadows of the huge Ok Tedi mine. The initiative drew on a Future Generation Fund and was, for the community, a response to years of frustration with wasted opportunities for economic development which were attributed to a lack of organizational and economic development capacity, capture of benefits by local elites, and the absence of a consensus on how to address the community's long-term interests. Among other things, the case highlights the value of locally-led and facilitated change processes, and the understanding of local cultural dynamics and capacity issues that goes with it.


  • Foreword
  • Papua New Guinea Facts
  • Background
  • Mine-Area Community Investment Program
  • Analysis, Reflections, and Lessons
  • Conclusion