Developing Best Practices for Promoting Private Sector Investment in Infrastructure: Airports and Air Traffic Control

Publication | December 2001
  • US$15.00 (paperback)

This five-volume set presents the findings of an ADB regional technical assistance study which developed sector-specific best practices for promoting private sector participation in key infrastructure sectors in ADB's developing member countries.

The best practices cover the role of government, institutional reform, strategic planning, legal and regulatory frameworks, unbundling and competition, contractual arrangements, sources of financing, and the allocation of risk.

This volume examines the underlying economics and alternative models of private sector participation in the airport sector, and recommends approaches to encourage successful private sector participation.


  • Foreword, Abbreviations, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Boxes, Executive Summary
  • Part One: Study Overview
  • Introduction
  • The Growth of Private Sector Participation
    • Expansion and Contraction of Private Sector Investment
    • The Challenge for Private Sector Infrastructure Investment
  • Cross-Sectoral Issues for Private Sector Participation
    • The Need for Reform and Role of Government
    • Institutional Reform
    • Strategic Planning
    • Legal and Regulatory Framework
    • Unbundling and Introducing Competition
    • Sources of Financing
    • Risk and Risk Mitigation
  • Summary of Sectoral Best Practices
    • Power
    • Water
    • Roads
    • Ports
    • Airports
  • The Role of the Asian Development Bank
  • Part Two: Airports and Air Traffic Control Report
  • Introduction
  • The Business of Airports and Air Traffic Control
    • Introduction
    • Airport Activities and the Role of Airport Operator
    • Airport Operators' Revenue
    • Demand and Cost Conditions
    • The Conditions of Competition and the Need for Economic Regulation
    • Air Traffic Control Services
  • Alternative Models of Private Sector Participation
    • Introduction
    • Alternative Models of PSP
    • Full Partial Privatization Compared
    • Air Traffice Control
  • Measures to Encourage Successful Private Sector Participation
    • Introduction
    • Public Policy
    • Industry Restructuring
    • Regulatory Institutions and Practice
    • Contract Design and Risk Management
    • Securing Efficient Tendering Outcomes
    • PSP in Unprifitable Airports
    • Conclusions: The Main Lessons from Experience of Airport Privatization to Date
  • The Role of ADB
    • Introduction
    • Airport Activities and the Role of Airport Operator
    • Disseminating Good Practice
    • Role in Training
    • Improving Financing Terms
  • Appendixes
    • Examples of Private Sector Participation at Commercial Airports Worldwide
    • Specific Country Case Studies
    • Extracts from the Philippine Republic BOT Law

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  • Air transport
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