Disaster Recovery Planning: Explanatory Note and Case Study

Publication | June 2023

This publication outlines why post-disaster needs assessments (PDNA) should provide comprehensive details of the economic and social impacts of disasters on countries to swiftly mobilize resources and support resilient recovery.

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Using a theoretical case study highlighting the aftermath of an earthquake and subsequent flooding, the publication shows how the cost to property, infrastructure, and production can be calculated and built into a PDNA. It illustrates why PDNAs should consider key sectors such as health and energy, and factor the macroeconomic and personal impacts of catastrophic events into the total estimate of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.


  • Explanatory Note
    • Introduction
    • Definition of Recovery and Reconstruction
    • Requirements of the Estimation of Damage and Losses
    • Procedures to Estimate Recovery and Reconstruction Needs
    • Estimation of Recovery Needs in Productive Sectors
    • Estimation of Recovery Needs in Services Sectors
    • Estimation of Macroeconomic Recovery Needs
    • Estimation of Personal Income Recovery Needs
    • Estimation of Food Security Recovery Needs
  • Case Study
    • Introduction
    • Description of the Disaster and its Surrounding Areas
    • Disaster Effects
    • The Social Impact of the Disaster
    • Estimate of Recovery and Reconstruction Needs
    • Social Recovery Needs
    • Macroeconomic Balance Needs
    • Fiscal Budget Impact
    • Balance of Payments Impact

Additional Details

  • Climate change
  • Environment
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • 46
  • 8.5 x 11
  • TIM230163-2
  • 978-92-9270-143-7 (print)
  • 978-92-9270-144-4 (electronic)
  • 978-92-9270-145-1 (ebook)

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