Disaster Risk Management in Asia and the Pacific

Publication | September 2014

This book focused on disaster risk management-to study the key trends in the region in terms of disaster incidence, sources of vulnerability and social and economic challenges.

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This book uses two international frameworks—the Millennium Development Goals and the Hyogo Framework for Action, a program focused on disaster risk management—to study the key trends in the region in terms of disaster incidence, sources of vulnerability and social and economic challenges. As both frameworks draw to a close, international debate is taking place during the period 2012–2015 on their current progress. This book seeks to help readers understand the process better.

The chapters are written by nine independent internationally based authors. Collectively, they have extensive regional experience in the areas of disaster risk management and climate change as well as working in academia, research, consultancy, the UN and international agencies, government and the NGO sector. The analysis presented benefits from their varied backgrounds in medicine, architecture, economics, engineering, planning, social studies, development studies and political science.

Throughout the book, relevant examples, drawn from the region, are included to 'earth' the project in the harsh realities of risk and disaster impact.

This publication has been copublished with Routledge. For orders, please contact Routledge.


  • Background
    • Introduction
  • Trends and Challenges
    • Trends and Patterns in Disasters and Their Impact in the Asia-Pacific Countries of the Asian Development Bank
    • The Vulnerability Challenge
    • The Social and Economic Challenge
  • Responding to Major Concerns in the Region
    • Managing the Risk of Compound Disasters
    • Financing and Risk Financing Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia and the Pacific: Experiences and Innovations
  • Governance Structures for Disaster Risk Management
    • Disaster Risk Management at Local and Community Levels
    • Disaster Risk Management at the National Level
    • Disaster Risk Management at the Regional Level
    • International Frameworks Advancing Disaster Risk Management
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Additional Details

  • Environment
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Governance and public sector management
  • Regional cooperation and integration
  • 978-1-13878-502-1 (Print)
  • 978-1-315-76133-6 (Electronic)

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