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The Doha Round: A Development Perspective

Publication | July 2002
The Doha Round: A Development Perspective

The new trade round launched at the 4th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in November 2001 in Doha is widely referred to as a 'development round.' It promises to place development at the heart of trade negotiations and take full account of developing countries' interests and concerns. At Doha, the Trade Ministers produced three major documents: (i) Decision on Implementation-Related Issues and Concerns (hereafter Decision), (ii) Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement1 and Public Health (hereafter Declaration), and (iii) Ministerial Declaration. Together they are called the Doha Development Agenda, which sets the scope of negotiations and defines WTO's study and capacity building programs in the coming years.


  • Implementation Issues
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Public Health
  • Negotiating Agenda
  • Trade Liiberalization
  • WTO Rules
  • Trade and Environment
  • Singapore Issues
  • Conclusion
  • References