Economy-wide Impact of a More Efficient Tanjung Priok Port

Publication | October 2015

Indonesia's growth has long been constrained by sluggish infrastructure development. An often-cited example is Tanjung Priok port, which serves more than two-thirds of the country's international trade.

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This paper has two objectives: First, to examine the causes of the increased dwell time and identify solutions. Second, to analyze economy-wide benefits of improved efficiency in Tanjung Priok using IndoTERM, a bottom-up and dynamic computable general equilibrium model of the Indonesian economy.

The findings of the analysis suggest that a 50% improvement in the Tanjung Priok's efficiency over the next five years will generate additional national growth of about 1.1%. Jakarta and its surroundings will benefit the most from this improvement, while other regions trading with Jakarta will also benefit.

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