Ensuring the Triple Win of Labor Migration in Asia

Publication | June 2015

Labor migration is a large and growing phenomenon in Asia as workers in origin countries seek better paying jobs and employers in destination countries endeavor to fill employment gaps.

Domestic policies and bilateral agreements are necessary to support efficient job matching, eliminate abuses in the recruitment process, and protect the rights of workers abroad.

Key points

  • Labor migration reduces structural imbalances in regional and global labor markets.
  • Migrants find jobs not available at home or earn higher wages.
  • Receiving countries fill vacancies and reduce skill deficits.
  • Institutions in origin and destination countries are designed to facilitate efficient job matching and to protect workers.
  • However, inadequate enforcement of worker protection results in the abuse of workers in some destinations.
Policy Brief 2015-1

Additional Details

  • Regional cooperation and integration
  • Social development and protection
  • Migration, trafficking, and human mobility
  • 2411-6734

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