Environmental Challenges in the People's Republic of China and Scope for Bank Assistance

Publication | December 1993

This paper discusses the steps that the People's Republic of China has undertaken to contain the degradation of its natural resources and to ensure that its rapid economic growth will be ecologically sustainable.

This paper shows the steps that have been undertaken by the Government of the People's Republic of China are in the right direction. At the same time, given the country's severity of the environmental problems, the paper emphasizes that the reform process aimed at containing degradation of natural resources need to be further intensified. Strict enforcement of policies is required to arrest farmland damaged by soil erosion, desertification and salinization. Policies must address atmospheric pollution problem caused among by, among others, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide from massive coal burning, and water pollution caused by discharge of industrial wastes. The pricing policies of natural resources must reflect proper economic and scarcity values, and the country's level of science and technology need to be upgraded to effectively deal with environmental concerns.


  • Introduction
  • The State of the Environment in the PRC
  • The Legislative System and Institutional Framework for the Environment: An Overview
  • PRC's Strategy for the Environment
  • Bank Assistance to the Environment
  • Bank Approach to the Environment - A Critique

Additional Details

  • Poverty
  • China, People's Republic of

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