Ethnic and Caste Diversity: Implications for Development

Publication | June 2005
Ethnic and Caste Diversity: Implications for Development

The study provides a historical perspective on cultural diversity and includes a review of anthropological studies on ethnicity and caste, and perceptions of different groups on the beneficiaries of development. NRM conducted interviews, and held focus group discussions with staff of line agencies and nongovernment organizations and a diverse range of informants, covering different castes, ethnic groups, and men and women beneficiaries of an ADB-assisted project.


  • Introduction
  • Ethnic and Caste Diversity
  • Hierarchical Plural Society: 1768-1950
  • Non-Hierarchical Mono-Cultural Society: 1961- 1990
  • Non-Hierarchical Plural Society: Post 1990
  • Gender
  • Development Experience
  • Perceptions of Ethnic Groups and Castes on Development Benefits
  • Conclusion and Recommendations