The Gender and Poverty Nexus: Issues and Policies

Publication | November 1993
The Gender and Poverty Nexus: Issues and Policies

Despite impressive growth in Asian developing economies in the last two decades, the vast majority of the world's poor live in this region. According to one estimate, about 750-800 million poor inhabit this region. Given the magnitude of the problem, poverty alleviation has become almost synonymous with economic development for most poorer Asian economies. While efforts are being made to alleviate poverty, it is being increasingly argued that, as there is a gender dimension to the poverty problem, these efforts should be gender focused.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Equity Argument for a Gender-Focused Approach
  • Causes of Greater Poverty for Women
  • Efficiency Argument for Greater Investment in Women
  • Policies to Reduce Gender Disparity