Global Climate Challenges, Innovative Finance, and Green Central Banking

Publication | July 2023

Central banks, financial institutions, and large companies are increasingly embracing green finance and investment to meet climate goals and achieve carbon neutrality.

Global Climate Challenges, Innovative Finance, and Green Central Banking provides a comprehensive and timely analysis of key trends in climate finance, blended finance, debt-for-climate swaps, and green monetary policies and financial supervision.

The book first explores corporate management reforms for promoting sustainable business models that address global environmental, social, and governance imperatives, as well as the banking sector’s critical role in encouraging these practices among small and medium-sized enterprises.

It then discusses climate finance in developing countries, including blended finance schemes to attract private capital for climate and environmental projects. It also examines debt-for-nature conservation swaps for addressing debt challenges faced by low-income countries, which are often intertwined with climate vulnerabilities.

The book concludes by spotlighting central banks and financial regulators’ climate-related practices. It examines the mandates and potential actions of central banks, such as disclosure of climate risks on banks’ balance sheets and operations and climate-focused monetary policy. It further notes financial authorities’ increasing integration of climate risks into their prudential policies and ongoing discussions on incorporating these risks into the regulation of capital adequacy requirements.


Additional Details

  • Environment
  • Finance sector development
  • Governance and public sector management
  • ISBN 978-4-89974-281-4 (Print)
  • ISBN 978-4-89974-282-1 (PDF)

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