Governance, Corruption and Public Financial Management

Publication | December 1999

This book is an assembly of the major papers presented during the Seminar on Public Financial Management and Accountability, and the World Conference on Governance held in Manila in April and June 1999, respectively.

The papers cover

  • the fundamentals of public financial management and the role of transparency and accountability in promoting aggregate fiscal discipline,
  • the strategic allocation of budgetary resources, and
  • the efficiency in the delivery of public services.

Also presented are an analysis of the recent reforms and plans of the Philippine Government, the role of information technology in improving public financial management, and the fundamental factors that encourage and promote corruption in public finance.


  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 Governance, Corruption and Public Finance: An Overview
  • Part I - Public Financial Management
    • Chapter 2 Government Policies and the Budget Process
    • Chapter 3 Public Financial Management: Getting the Basics Right
    • Chapter 4 Information and Communication Technology for Public Finance
    • Chapter 5 Reform Priorities for Public Financial Management
    • Chapter 6 Beyond the Basics: The Philippine Case
  • Part II - Public Financial Accountability
    • Chapter 7 Public Financial Accountability
    • Chapter 8 Transparency and Accountability for Public Financial Integrity
    • Chapter 9 Some Observations on Public Financial Accountability and Integrity in Pacific Island Countries
    • Chapter 10 Public Financial Accountability for Integrity and Results: The Case of the Philippine Bureau of the Treasury
  • Annex I: An Anti-Corruption Policy for Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank
  • Annex II: The IMF Code of Fiscal Transparency

Additional Details

  • Finance sector development
  • Governance and public sector management
  • Anticorruption
  • Philippines
  • 070299
  • 971-561-248-2

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