Is Growth Good Enough for the Poor? | Asian Development Bank

Is Growth Good Enough for the Poor?

Publication | October 2001
Is Growth Good Enough for the Poor?

Asia's success story has been highlighted by the remarkable social transformation and poverty reduction accompanying rapid economic growth. Some three decades ago, more than half of the region was poor, just two of five adults were literate, and the average person could hope to live only 48 years. Currently, the proportion of poor people is down to one third, 70 percent of adults are literate, and life expectancy is up to 68 years. And while the region's population has increased from 1.8 billion to 3 billion, the number of poor people has dropped from more than 1 billion to below 900 million.


  • Contrasts between Countries
  • Subnational Analysis
  • Political Economy
  • Civil Society and Social Capital
  • Public Sector Reform and Decentralization
  • Participatory Governance and Legal Framework
  • Conclusion
  • References