Handbook for Rooftop Solar Development in Asia

Publication | December 2014

Drawing on ADB’s experience of transforming its headquarters into a showcase for sustainability, this handbook guides institutions through the process of developing solar photovoltaic projects in urban areas.

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As an institution that promotes sustainable development, ADB sought to lead by example by transforming its 23-year-old headquarters building in Manila into a showcase for sustainability. Thus, beginning in 2007, ADB embarked on a number of retrofits, including the installation of a large distributed rooftop solar photovoltaic system in ADB’s main headquarters.

Since the project’s successful completion in 2012, ADB has been encouraging like-minded enterprises to install similar facilities on their rooftops and other available spaces. With energy demand projected to almost double in the region by 2030, ADB envisions that these pioneering projects will help reduce the region’s reliance on fossil fuel, enhancing future energy security and mitigating climate change.

Following ADB’s decision to purchase geothermal-generated electricity from AdventEnergy, which supplies an average of 1.5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity per month, the ADB Headquarters building is now powered by 100% renewable energy. This enabled ADB to cut its annual carbon footprint by 50% and reduced its emissions by more than 9,500 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

About this handbook

Drawing on ADB’s experience, this handbook aims to demystify the process of developing solar photovoltaic projects in urban areas, providing detailed descriptions and guidance for all stages of development, including initial prefeasibility assessment, design, financing, procurement, and operations and maintenance.

Entities looking to take advantage of the benefits of solar photovoltaic systems would find the development process made transparent and streamlined.


  • Introduction
  • Project Preparation
  • System Design
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Conclusion
  • Annexes

Additional Details

  • Environment
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Energy
  • Clean energy
  • Philippines
  • 150
  • 8.5 x 11
  • TIM146676
  • 978-92-9254-847-6 (print)
  • 978-92-9254-848-3 (electronic)

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