Highlights from the 2012 Annual Meeting Knowledge Sharing and Partnership Events

Publication | May 2012
Highlights from the 2012 Annual Meeting Knowledge Sharing and Partnership Events

The purpose of this set of highlights from ADB's 2012 Annual Meeting's Knowledge Sharing and Partnership Events (KSPE) is to share a snapshot of the key issues emerging from the KSPE program. Through the various seminars offered during the meeting, we heard from an impressive set of distinguished panelists on the key development and economic issues facing the Asia and Pacific region and the world. By leveraging technology, we provided new opportunities for audience members to become part of the conversation, which resulted in a highly interactive Governors' Seminar.


  • Letter from the Secretary
  • Governors' Seminar: How Can Asia Respond to Global Economic Crisis and Transformation?
  • Vulnerable Cities - Waking Up to the Need for Urban Disaster Risk Management
  • Taking the Right Growth Road: Manufacturing and Modern Services
  • ASEAN, the PRC, and India: The Great Transformation?
  • Climate Change and Green Asia
  • Global Financial Inclusion by 2020: Getting There from Here
  • Measuring for Success: 2011 ADB Scorecard
  • Seven Billion and Growing: How Will the World Feed Itself?
  • Regional Cooperation for Improved Financial Resilience and Liquidity Support: A Decade on and the Challenges Ahead
  • Asia-Latin America: Forging a Long-Term Partnership
  • Reforming International Financial Safety Nets
  • Development Partners Session: Development Cooperation in a Changing World
  • Europe's Sovereign Debt Crisis: A Boon or Bane for Asia and the Pacific Banks
  • Meeting the Water Challenge in Asian Cities: Upscaling Successful Practices