Highlights of the International Conference on Financial Cycles, Systemic Risk, Interconnectedness, and Policy Options for Resilience

Publication | December 2016

The conference held on 8–9 September 2016 strengthened understanding of how systemic risks build up and spread across different financial networks.

This conference was organized by ADB in collaboration with the Institute of Global Finance, University of New South Wales and sponsored by the Reserve Bank of Australia and Bloomberg. It provided a venue for fruitful discussion among members of the academia, central bankers, regulators, and international financial institutions to build resilience and safeguard stability in the region. The conference will also form the foundation for one of ADB’s flagship publications, the Asian Economic Integration Report 2017.


  • Message from the Asian Development Bank
  • Message from the Institute of Global Finance
  • Conference Highlights
  • Opening Session
  • Session 1: Financial, Commodity, and Business Cycles: Linkage and Transmission of Risks in Asia
  • Session 2: Financial Interconnectedness, Spillovers and Contagion, Propagation Mechanisms, and the Implications for Systemic Risks in Asia
  • Day 1 Policy Panel
  • Session 3: Financial Authorities: Financial Network Analysis for Systemic Risks and Lessons Learnt from the Systemic Risks and Interconnectedness
  • Session 4: Financial Globalization, Regional Financial Integration and Stability, Predictive Indicators of Vulnerability in Asia
  • Day 2 Policy Panel
  • Closing Session

Additional Details

  • Finance sector development
  • Regional cooperation and integration
  • ARM168592-2

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