Inclusive Growth: Impact Stories from Nepal

Publication | November 2010
Inclusive Growth: Impact Stories from Nepal

Since Nepal became a founding member of ADB in 1996, ADB has been assisting the country in improving its physical infrastructure and developing human capital.

Nepal is embracing its strength to raise itself from one of the world’s least-developed countries. The stories in this document present projects in hydropower, road building, and water and sanitation that give a glimpse of some of the ways the country, only recently coming out of conflict after many years, is moving forward again. The stories portray many of the people these projects are helping and the solutions Asian Development Bank is supporting.


  • Introduction
  • Good Water Changes Everything
    • The Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project in Nepal empowers the Tharu minority and keeps students in school.
  • The Way to Water Equality
    • Women and minorities in rural Nepal ensure that their voices are heard in the management of a community water project.
  • The Power of Water
    • Electricity generated by a hydropower plant has brought better health care and schools to a rural village in Nepal.
  • Roads That Move Mountains
    • With new roads, rural people who live in the world's highest mountain range can access markets and increase their incomes.