Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Developing Asia: The Enabling Role of Infrastructure Development

Publication | May 2004

Sustaining and accelerating the course of poverty reduction requires stepping up efforts for inclusive growth. Past experience in developing Asia demonstrates the critical significance of inclusive growth for poverty reduction. By improving the access of the poor to markets, increasing productivity and creating further opportunities for employment, inclusive growth mainstreams the poor to actively participate in the growth process, thereby contributing to raising their standards of living. The policy imperative for inclusive growth cannot be overemphasized as developing Asian economies confront the continuing challenges of globalization, structural transformation and the need for regionally balanced growth within a country.


  • Introduction
  • Seizing and Capitalizing on Opportunities Created by Globalization
  • Modernizing Agriculture and Scaling Up the Development of Rural Economies
  • Supporting Market Expansion and Efficient Functioning of Markets
  • Conclusions
  • References

Additional Details

  • Poverty
  • 050304
  • 1655-5260 (Print)

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