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Asian Development Bank and Indonesia: Fact Sheet

Publication | April 2018
Asian Development Bank and Indonesia: Fact Sheet

ADB’s partnership with Indonesia has evolved to reflect the emerging needs of a middle-income country with strong focus on infrastructure investment, human capital development, and economic governance.

Since 1966 ADB has committed $34.49 billion in sovereign and nonsovereign loans, equity investments, and guarantees; and $251.88 million in technical assistance (excluding cofinancing) for Indonesia.

ADB operations in Indonesia will take a strategic, long-term, programmatic approach to developing several core sectors of the country’s economy—energy, transport, water supply and other urban infrastructure, irrigation and rural development, finance, education, and public sector management.

ADB will continue to work toward maximizing development impact by introducing best practices, innovation and technologies, and by further improving efficiency in project preparation and implementation. ADB will also redouble efforts to maximize synergies between sovereign and nonsovereign operations, including the promotion of public-private partnerships in Indonesia.

Updated yearly, this ADB Fact Sheet provides social and economic indicators on Indonesia as well as concise information on ADB's operations in the country and contact information.