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Indonesia: Development Effectiveness Brief

Publication | June 2012
Indonesia: Development Effectiveness Brief

Indonesia was a founding member of ADB in 1966 and since then it has received $27 billion in loans, $307 million in grants, and $342 million in technical assistance.

Early ADB assistance focused on agriculture but rapidly diversified in the 1980s to include energy, infrastructure, and education. In the years following the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998, ADB provided significant and sustained support to the government's ambitious program of reform and poverty reduction, particularly through program loans that encompassed development policy, infrastructure sector reform, capital market development, governance reform, and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. For the coming years, ADB's proposed country partnership strategy for 2012–2014 has two strategic pillars—inclusive growth and environmental sustainability including climate change mitigation and adaptation—while strengthening governance continues to be an important cross-cutting aspect of the strategy.


  • Indonesia Development Indicators
  • Indonesia and ADB
  • ADB's Contribution to Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Operational Effectiveness: Improving Efficiency and Performance
  • Future Challenges: The Road Ahead