Incubating Indonesia's Young Entrepreneurs: Recommendations for Improving Development Programs

Publication | December 2021

This publication draws lessons and good practices from entrepreneurship development models and incubation centers designed for the youth in Indonesia.

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Several ministries in Indonesia are providing entrepreneurship training to the youth in a move to harness the demographic bonus amid persistently high unemployment rates among young people. Incubation centers in the country's three public higher education institutions and an entrepreneurship training model facilitated by a Swiss–Indonesian start-up accelerator program are explored in this publication. Recommendations focus on strengthening similar programs in other universities, such as management and resources, financial sustainability, mentorship and training, business services and facilities, graduation and post-incubation, and documentation and evaluation.


  • Introduction
    • Entrepreneurs Wanted
    • Entrepreneurship Development Programs: Bridging Aspirations
    • Assessing Indonesian Entrepreneurship Development Programs
  • Recommendations
    • Institutional Capacity
    • Start-Up Services
    • Institutional Improvements
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • Education
  • Education sector development
  • Tertiary and higher education
  • Indonesia
  • 46
  • 8.5 x 11
  • TCS210457-2
  • 978-92-9269-171-4 (print)
  • 978-92-9269-172-1 (electronic)
  • 978-92-9269-173-8 (ebook)

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