Infrastructure Financing Modalities in Asia and the Pacific: Strengths and Limitations

Publication | April 2017

Global infrastructure finance is changing with the return of project finance, renewed interest in alternative financing options, and the evolution of public-private partnerships.

Asia and the Pacific is the world’s fastest growing regional economy, a position it has held for over a decade. A major challenge for sustained regional growth and development, and ensuring greater engagement between national economies is increased investment in economic and social infrastructure. The majority of infrastructure is provided by government as a quasi-public good but governments face difficulties meeting future demand. Private investment provides an important option although investment has mainly taken place in the telecommunications, energy, and transport industries. We aim to present a status report on the methods, strengths, and weaknesses of infrastructure financing in Asia and the Pacific at the present time. It adopts a positivist perspective and examines supply and demand conditions today with several recommendations for future policy development in Asia and the Pacific.


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  • Finance sector development