Infrastructure for a Seamless Asia

Publication | September 2009

Flagship study that analyzes major challenges in developing regional infrastructure, particularly transport and energy through regional cooperation towards a seamless Asia.

In view of Asia's enormous untapped economic potential and the ongoing global economic and financial crisis, the challenge now is to build efficient and seamless connections across Asia and thus to the rest of the world for a more competitive, prosperous, and integrated region.

Critical questions include:

  • What are the major challenges confronting the seamless connectivity in Asia?
  • What are the costs and benefits of regional infrastructure in Asia?
  • What are the priority regional infrastructure projects for Asia?
  • What are the financing requirements for developing Asian infrastructure?
  • How can Asia meet its infrastructure financing needs?
  • Can we learn from European and Latin American experiences?
  • What institutions, policies and frameworks are needed to foster regional cooperation for creating a seamless Asia?

This ADB and ADBI flagship study analyzes the major challenges in developing regional infrastructure, particularly transport and energy'—both hard and soft infrastructure'—through fostering regional cooperation towards a seamless Asia. It evaluates existing regional infrastructure programs, policies, and institutions, and makes recommendations on what the region needs to address to meet these challenges and provides a framework for pan-Asian infrastructure cooperation.

The key message of the book is that now is the time to forge ahead with the goal of integrating this vast and diverse region'—for the benefit of all its citizens and for a lasting and shared prosperity'—through building pan-Asia infrastructure connectivity.


  • Infrastructure Needs and Regional Cooperation
  • Supporting Regional Trade and Investment
  • Harnessing the Benefits of Regional Infrastructure
  • Developing Effective Policies and Institutions
  • Financing Regional Infrastructure
  • Toward a Seamless Asia

Additional Details

  • Economics
  • Industry and trade
  • Regional cooperation and integration
  • 978-4-89974-028-5 (print)

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