Innovative Strategies for Accelerated Human Resource Development in South Asia: Student Assessment and Examination—Special Focus on Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Publication | December 2017

This report reviews the assessment of student learning outcomes in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka focusing on public examinations, national assessment, school-based assessment, and classroom assessment.

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Assessment of student learning outcomes (ASLO) is one of the key activities in teaching and learning. It serves as the source of information in determining the quality of education at the classroom and national levels. Results from any assessment have an influence on decision making, on policy development related to improving individual student achievement, and to ensure the equity and quality of an education system. ASLO provides teachers and school heads with information for making decisions regarding a students’ progress. The information allows teachers and school heads to understand a students’ performance better.


  • Introduction and Background
  • Public Examinations and National Assessments in South Asia
  • School-Based Assessment and Continuous Assessment System
  • Classroom Assessment Practices of Teachers: Implications on Teacher Training
  • Improvement Strategies, Innovative Solutions, Future Challenges, and Funding Support in Assessment of Learning Outcomes in the Region

Additional Details

  • Education
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • 228
  • 8.5 x 11
  • TCS179079
  • 978-92-9261-030-2 (print)
  • 978-92-9261-031-9 (electronic)

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