Innovative Strategies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Accelerated Human Resource Development in South Asia: Nepal

Publication | November 2015

Preparing Nepal's youth with appropriate education and skills to meet emerging demands through partnership approaches will be crucial. Education and training will play a major role in promoting inclusive and sustainable growth.

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Nepal requires concerted efforts to develop knowledge and demand-driven skills that complement generic skills acquired from formal schooling to provide market-responsive technical and vocational education and skills. This effort will help improve the quality of the workforce; enhance employability, productivity, and remuneration, leading to higher economic growth.

Three major areas to promote and enhance skills development in Nepal are identified:

  • Restructuring and repositioning of authorities to improve ownership and delivery
  • Implementation of improved policy, framework, and directives
  • Improving financing and sustainability

About the publication

This publication is part of a series of six country reports on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and higher education in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Each report presents current arrangements and initiatives in the respective country’s skills development strategies. These are complemented by critical analyses to determine key issues, challenges, and opportunities for innovative strategies toward global competitiveness, increased productivity, and inclusive growth. The emphasis is to make skills training more relevant, efficient, and responsive to emerging domestic and international labor markets. The reports were finalized in 2013 under the Australian AID-supported Phase 1 of Subproject 11 (Innovative Strategies for Accelerated Human Resource Development) of Regional Technical Assistance 6337 (Development Partnership Program for South Asia).


  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Socioeconomic Background
  • Chapter 2: The Technical and Vocational Education and Training System in Nepal
  • Chapter 3: Policies, Plans, and Programs for Reforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  • Chapter 4: Issues and Constraints in Nepal’s System for Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  • Chapter 5: Priorities and Strategies for Reforms
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • Education
  • Technical and vocational education and training
  • Nepal
  • 76
  • 8.5 x 11
  • RPT146959
  • 978-92-9257-002-6 (print)
  • 978-92-9257-003-3 (electronic)

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