Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure: Improving Lives in Asia and the Pacific

Publication | June 2009

This brochure outlines the current efforts of the Asian Development Bank to promote sustainable infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific.

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Impressive economic gains in Asia and the Pacific have been accompanied by a decline in the region's natural capital and unprecedented levels of air and water pollution. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people in the region are still not enjoying the benefits of recent economic expansion. Disparities in incomes and living standards are growing wider, and the worldwide financial crisis will likely amplify these disparities. And due to the impacts of climate change, the region's remaining poor are growing more vulnerable to natural disasters, sea level rise, and droughts.

The Asian Development Bank is committed to responding to these challenges by supporting the development of sustainable infrastructure in the region. Through our public and private sector operations departments and our Sustainable Infrastructure Division, we are developing loans, investments, technical assistance projects, and regional programs that promote cutting-edge, cost-effective, and clean technologies. In all of our efforts, we are working to build good governance and development capacities in our developing member countries, including improving the cost-effectiveness of public services and broadening inclusiveness so that the poor are able to participate in, benefit from, and contribute to the growth process.


  • Introduction
  • Energy: Powering Poverty Reduction
  • Transport: Linking People, Improving Livelihoods
  • Water: Working Toward Water Security for All
  • Urban Infrastructure: Making Cities Livable and Sustainable
  • Information and Communication Technology: Paving the Way for Development Gains
  • Innovative Financing: Helping Sustainable Infrastructure Pay for Itself

Additional Details

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Finance sector development
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Transport
  • Urban development
  • Water
  • ARM090554

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