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Japan’s Lost Decade: Lessons for Asian Economies

Publication | October 2017
Japan’s Lost Decade: Lessons for Asian Economies

ADB Institute’s new book examines Japan’s long-term recession since the 1990s’ economic bubble burst and offers lessons for Asian and other economies.

Why has Japan’s economy stagnated since its economic bubble burst in the 1990s? The authors examine Japan’s long-term economic recession and recommend ways out of it. The lessons learned could be useful for other Asian economies, including the People’s Republic of China, and even the Eurozone and the United States, which may face similar challenges.

Co-published with Springer. For orders, please contact Springer.

Edited by: Naoyuki Yoshino and Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary


  • Japan’s Lost Decade: Causes and Remedies
  • Changes in Economic Effect of Infrastructure and Financing Methods: The Japanese Case
  • Optimal Fiscal Policy Rule for Achieving Fiscal Sustainability: A Japanese Case Study
  • Macroeconomic Volatility Under High Accumulation of Government Debt: Lessons from Japan
  • Japan’s Postwar Monetary Policies: Taylor Rules or Something Else?
  • Impact of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Analysis on Japan’s Oil Consuming Sectors
  • Three Arrows of “Abenomics” and the Further Remedy for the Japanese Economy
  • The Ineffectiveness of Japan’s Negative Interest Rate Policy