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Kazakhstan: Accelerating Economic Diversification

Publication | August 2018
Kazakhstan: Accelerating Economic Diversification

This book presents an in-depth analysis of sectors and reforms that can support Kazakhstan’s potential to become an economic leader in Central Asia.

Relying on oil and gas alone, however, will not produce the long-run level of growth needed to meet this potential. Reforms geared to improve the business climate, enhance competitiveness, and increase private sector participation are essential.

This book examines reforms to accelerate economic diversification in the country. This involves not only modernizing and using public resources in agriculture more efficiently to increase productivity, but also transitioning of manufacturing toward high-potential exports to help the country’s industrial development and create employment opportunities. Upgrading innovation of oilfield services and improving transport and logistics are important to increase participation in the global value chains.


  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author Profiles
  • The Kazakhstan Economy: Achievements, Prospects, and Policy Challenges
  • Policies to Unlock Kazakhstan’s Agricultural Potential
  • Kazakhstan’s Manufacturing Potential
  • Oil-and-Gas Services in Kazakhstan
  • Transport and Logistics Infrastructure in Kazakhstan
  • Key Structural Reforms in Selected Sectors: Assessing Their Impact on Economic Diversification