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Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries 2000

Publication | August 2000
Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries 2000

Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries 2000 provides historical and current economic, financial, environment and social statistics on 39 developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

This publication contains: (1) the regional tables, where selected indicators are compared across developing member countries (DMCs) and (2) the country tables, where 1982 to 1999 annual population, economic and financial statistics of each DMC are presented.



Part I – Regional Tables

Population  XLS
Demographic Indicators XLS
Population by age group XLS
Urban Population Indicators XLS
Economically Active Population by Gender and Industry XLS
Poverty and Inequality Indicators XLS
Education Indicators XLS
Health Indicators XLS
Environment Indicators XLS
Land Use XLS
Total and Per Capital GNP XLS
Growth Rates of Real GDP and Major Sectors XLS
Shares of Major Sectors in GDP XLS
Expenditure Shares in GDP XLS
Domestic Saving, Capital Formation and Resource Gap XLS
Cereal Production XLS
Paddy Production XLS
Maize Production XLS
Coconut Production XLS
Yield of Paddy and Maize XLS
Energy Indicators XLS
Electricity Indicators XLS
Prices of Selected Primary Commodities XLS
Consumer Price Index XLS
Changes in Money Supply XLS
Government Finance Indicators XLS
Merchandise Exports XLS
Merchandise Imports XLS
Direction of Trade Merchandise Exports XLS
Direction of Trade Merchandise Imports XLS
Terms of Trade XLS
Foreign Trade Indicators XLS
Foreign Direct Investment XLS
International Reserves and Ratio to Import XLS
Total External Debt and Debt Service Payments XLS
Debt Indicators XLS
Aggregate Net Resources Flowsfrom All Sources to DMCs XLS
Official Flows from All Sources to DMCs XLS
Net Private Flows from All Sources to DMCs XLS
Other Net Flows XLS

Country Tables

Bangladesh  PDF XLS
Bhutan  PDF XLS
Cambodia  PDF XLS
China, People's Republic of  PDF XLS
Cook Islands  PDF XLS
Fiji Islands, Republic of PDF XLS
Hong Kong, China  PDF XLS
India  PDF XLS
Indonesia  PDF XLS
Kazakhstan  PDF XLS
Kiribati  PDF XLS
Korea, Republic of  PDF XLS
Kyrgyz Republic  PDF XLS
Lao People's Democratic Republic  PDF XLS
Malaysia  PDF XLS
Maldives  PDF XLS
Marshall Islands  PDF XLS
Micronesia, Federated States of  PDF XLS
Mongolia  PDF XLS
Myanmar  PDF XLS
Nepal  PDF XLS
Pakistan  PDF XLS
Papua New Guinea  PDF XLS
Philippines  PDF XLS
Samoa  PDF XLS
Singapore  PDF XLS
Solomon Islands  PDF XLS
Sri Lanka  PDF XLS
Taipei,China  PDF XLS
Tajikistan  PDF XLS
Thailand  PDF XLS
Tonga  PDF XLS
Tuvalu  PDF XLS
Uzbekistan  PDF XLS
Vanuatu  PDF XLS
Viet Nam  PDF XLS