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Leveraging Global Production Networks

Publication | May 2017
Leveraging Global Production Networks

This study looks at how India’s new economic corridors can benefit from strategic participation in global value chains and integration with global production networks.

It identifies how engagement in global value chains improve domestic capabilities and support industrial upgrading and job creation, particularly in the pharmaceutical, chemicals, and electronic sectors. It presents the the top challenges facing each of these three sectors as well as the strategies that will help the various sectors integrate better with global networks. This paper also looks to other economies and regions for insights on upgrading within global production networks to draw relevant strategic lessons for policy makers and other industry stakeholders in Andhra Pradesh and at the national level, and for other economies with regions at the cusp of industrial transformation.


  • Analyzing Andhra Pradesh's Global Linkages: A Location Quotient Analysis
  • Sector Profiles and Value Chain Maps
  • Cross-cutting Themes
  • Sectoral Challenges and Opportunities: Insights from the Field
  • Country Case Studies: Lessons on Upgrading and Global Integration from Other Emerging Economies
  • Industrial Policies for Growth and Global Integration