Making Climate Finance Work for Women

Publication | September 2014

This edition of Gender and Climate Finance Policy Brief provides an overview of links between gender and climate change and selected climate finance instruments to fund inclusive mitigation action.

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The paper highlights the need and demand for mitigation measures that tap women’s potential to contribute to emissions reductions and sustainable development.

Key messages

  • Women possess an extraordinary—and often underappreciated—potential to contribute to climate change mitigation and resource management.
  • Until recently, initiatives to empower women as agents of change have remained woefully neglected in climate policy and finance circles.
  • High transaction costs and gender biases hinder small-scale, bottom-up project development and access to finance, despite the significant social development and mitigation impacts of these projects.
  • Links between gender and climate change are nonetheless gaining greater recognition. As a result, international policy makers are demanding inclusive and gender-sensitive approaches that demonstrate how climate finance can be channeled to achieve a greater impact.
  • An enabling environment that can support a policy dialogue, capacity development, and pilot projects will be critical to this inclusive approach and making climate finance work for women.
  • Climate finance accountability is needed through development of a systematic and ambitious approach to auditing the gender responsiveness of climate projects and financial flows.
  • Now is the time to seize the momentum to make truly inclusive mitigation action a reality.


  • Introduction
  • Making the Connection between Climate Finance and Gender Equity
  • Momentum for Change - The International Climate Policy Stage
  • The Climate Finance Landscape - Funding Inclusive Mitigation Action
  • Answering the Call - Making Climate Finance Work for Women

Additional Details

  • Climate change
  • Gender
  • ARM146800-2

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