The Millennium Development Goals: Progress in Asia and the Pacific 2007

Publication | October 2007

For the Millennium Development Goals, 2007 is a critical year - half way towards the target date of 2015. This is a good point to take stock. Are we at least half way towards meeting the goals?

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This report has two parts. The first presents uneven MDG progress across the region and within countries—between the richest and poorest groups, between urban and rural areas, or between states and provinces. This pattern also reflects uneven progress towards a number of MDGs. One of the most striking developments the report notes is the rising income inequality in the past decade.

The second part considers Goal 8 as complementing national efforts to mobilize resources by providing more equitable access to opportunities for trade, growth and development. The report concludes that the Asia-Pacific region has set the pace of economic growth for the developing world—but it also has the opportunity to refocus on equity and extend the benefits of rapid economic and social development to all its people.


  • Executive Summary
  • MDG Progress in Asia and the Pacific
  • Beyond National Averages
  • Epilogue: Towards a Global Partnership
  • Bibliography
  • Index to MDG Indicators
  • Technical Note
  • Classification of Countries
  • Key to Country Codes

Additional Details

  • Poverty
  • Millennium Development Goals

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