Mongolia: Transport Sector Fact Sheet

Publication | February 2018

ADB's assistance for roads, civil aviation, railway and logistics, and urban transport development has totaled $570 million.

The underdeveloped road network in Mongolia has substantially constrained the country’s access to external markets and economic opportunities. This constraint has been particularly severe for the landlocked country, which is highly dependent on external trade and investments from its two large neighbors, the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Hence, development of the country’s road network is one of the government’s priorities.

In 1992, ADB helped the Government of Mongolia update the country’s Road Master Plan that prioritized development of the national road network for the next 10 years. Based on the master plan, ADB financed feasibility studies for upgrading the priority road corridors. ADB supported the development of major vertical axis road corridors to help Mongolia integrate its road system with the Asian highway network and contributed to the country’s and the region’s economic growth and poverty reduction.

Being a major partner in Mongolia’s transport sector development, ADB's assistance has focused on roads, civil aviation, railway and logistics, and urban transport development. Its assistance has totaled $570 million consisting of 13 loans ($485 million), 6 grants ($64 million), and 29 TA projects ($21 million).

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