Myanmar Energy Consumption Surveys

Publication | September 2017

Results of household energy consumption surveys conducted in 2014 provide a more accurate picture of historical energy consumption in Myanmar by fuel source.

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Myanmar has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, yet its potential is severely constrained by limited energy infrastructure. The limited availability of modern energy services and infrastructure has resulted in Myanmar having one of the lowest per capita energy consumption rates in the world.

A household energy consumption survey in 11 regions across Myanmar shows that firewood is mainly used for cooking (73%) and candles and torches for lighting (65%), followed by electricity for cooking (13%) and battery for lighting (17%) while the demand for modern energy sources is rapidly increasing. This report presents the results of household energy consumption surveys conducted in 2014 that helped develop a more accurate picture of historical energy consumption by fuel source. This publication shares the survey results, considering the scarcity of available energy data and statistics in Myanmar especially at the household level. The data herein may prove useful in making more informed decisions by those involved in Myanmar’s energy and social sectors.


  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Review of Previous Household Surveys in Myanmar
  • Urban and Rural Household Energy Consumption Survey Approach
  • Household Survey Results
  • Private Industry Survey Approach
  • Private Industry Survey Results
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

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  • 978-92-9257-944-9 (e-ISBN)

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