Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note: Railways

Publication | July 2016

The Myanmar transport services market is expanding rapidly. In order to revive the railways in Myanmar, the restructuring of Myanmar's sole railway service provider is a medium-term necessity.

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Myanma Railways’ (MR) core passenger transport business is at risk of disappearing, and share is estimated to fall from 12% to 2%–4% in the coming 15 years. However, if MR is able to improve its services, it could triple its market share and multiply passenger volume seven times.

The immediate priority must be to implement policies that will enable MR to retain as much of its current market as is economically justified over the next 5–10 years, while ensuring its finances are robust enough to allow infrastructure maintenance.  Any revival strategy will likely involve better investments, rationalizing assets and services, financial restructuring, new governance for the rail sector, and reorganizing MR along commercial principles.

About the Transport Sector Policy Note

The Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note is composed of a series of 9 reports, and a Summary for Decision Makers.


  • Executive Summary
  • Rail Markets and Competitiveness
  • Railway Assets and Staff
  • Railway Performance
  • Options for Improving Myanma Railways Performance
  • Key Requirements for Railway Revival
  • Proposed Implementation Strategy
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • Transport
  • Multimodal Transport & Sector Development
  • Rail transport
  • Transport Management and Policies
  • Myanmar
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