Navigating Resilient Post-Disaster Recovery in Asia and the Pacific

Publication | November 2023

Post-disaster recovery entails physical or material reconstruction and the social and economic recovery of the affected communities.

Navigating Resilient Post-Disaster Recovery in Asia and the Pacific addresses the importance of resilient recovery in the aftermath of disasters, emphasizing the Asia and Pacific region while holding global relevance. It explores the complex process of post-disaster reconstruction, drawing from various expert analyses and real-world case studies to offer actionable insights for policy makers, practitioners, and academics.

Using global experiences and in-depth research, this edited volume conveys four key messages. First, it underscores the importance of identifying capability losses and addressing the needs of vulnerable groups to foster a people-centric recovery approach. Second, it advocates for robust community participation, emphasizing the value of local and indigenous knowledge in shaping reconstruction efforts. Third, it highlights the need for timely and adequate finance to ensure a well-structured and effective recovery process. Finally, it stresses the crucial role of data and technology in facilitating informed decision-making and accelerating recovery efforts.

The policy insights in this volume are particularly relevant for stakeholders involved in disaster management and reconstruction, offering a well-rounded perspective to navigate the challenges of post-disaster recovery and foster resilient communities.


Additional Details

  • Governance and public sector management
  • ISBN 978-4-89974-295-1 (Print)
  • ISBN 978-4-89974-296-8 (PDF)

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