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Nepal: Critical Development Constraints

Publication | July 2009
Nepal: Critical Development Constraints

This report identifies the critical constraints to Nepal's economic growth and discusses policy options to help overcome such constraints.

Nepal's pace of growth and poverty reduction has lagged behind that of other South Asian countries. The country diagnostic study, Nepal: Critical Development Constraints, inquires into the causes for Nepal's slow growth vis-à-vis that of other South Asian economies by posing three questions:

  • What are the critical factors constraining investments, both domestic and foreign?
  • What should policy makers do to revive investment, particularly by the private sector?
  • How can the growth be made more inclusive?

The inquiry and the results aim to assist the work of government, development agencies, and the private sector to achieve a higher, more equitable growth path to benefit the people of Nepal.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Development Performance and Policy
  • Critical Constraints to Growth
  • Critical Constraints to Inclusiveness
  • Governance, Political Economy, and the Institutional Context
  • Conclusions and Policy Recommendations
  • Bibliography
  • References