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Ordinary Capital Resources: Investing for Our Future

Publication | December 2008
Ordinary Capital Resources: Investing for Our Future

Over the years, ADB, through OCR, has modernized urban and rural transportation systems, brought electricity to poor households, provided poor people access to clean water and sanitation facilities, installed transmission and distribution lines, helped mitigate environmental degradation, and improved the quality of national and local public administration that impacts citizens every day.

This publication contains impact stories of how OCR projects have bridged gaps, connected lives, and made successful investments for the future.


  • Afghanistan
    • Leapfrogging to Mobile Telephony
  • Azerbaijan
    • Road to Recovery
  • Bangladesh
    • A Mobile Revolution
  • People's Republic of China
    • Reducing Bottlenecks, Raising Rail Safety
    • Providing Clean, Clear Water
  • Fiji Islands
    • South Pacific's New-Look Ports
  • India
    • Boosting India's Wind Power
    • Rebuilding Shattered Lives
  • Indonesia
    • Bridging Two Districts
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
    • Hydropower Helps Lift Rural Communities
  • Pakistan
    • Promoting Private Sector Investment
  • Philippines
    • Students Top Class Despite Disaster