Pacific Region Environmental Strategy 2005-2009 | Asian Development Bank

Pacific Region Environmental Strategy 2005-2009

Publication | December 2004
Pacific Region Environmental Strategy 2005-2009

The Pacific Region Environmental Strategy (PRES) is the result of a regional technical assistance funded by ADB and the Government of New Zealand. The study covers

  • a review of key environmental issues and main response strategies in the Pacific
  • an assessment of past environment-related assistance provided by ADB and other development partners in the region to draw relevant lessons, and
  • an identification of priority areas for intervention to map out future directions for ADB's environmental assistance to the region.

The main PRES volume contains findings and ADB's environmental assistance strategy for the Pacific. The second PRES volume documents case studies carried out to provide important field level context under the theme 'mainstreaming environment in development planning and management.' The PRES is part of a broader strategic planning exercise covering ADB's overall assistance to the region for the period 2005-2009.


  • Executive Summary
  • Volume I: Strategy Document
  • Volume II: Case Studies