Painting Our Green Future: Visions of the Environment by Children

Publication | December 2013
Painting Our Green Future: Visions of the Environment by Children

Cheng Jinghua is a grade 8 student of Fuhai County Junior Middle School. A trip to local Nanshan garbage disposal site made her realize the extent of damage that people have done to the environment.

This picture book is a collection of paintings resulting from the handiwork of students in five counties of Xinjiang, People's Republic of China (PRC) - Burjin, Fuhai, Habahe, Jimunai, and Qinghe.

It highlights the students' concern for the environment and what they want their families and friends to know about conservation and the so-called 3Rs of environmental practice - reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Through this book, children are given the opportunity to remind readers that people are caretakers of this planet and that as responsible citizens we can help build greener and more livable communities in Asia.

The project

The Asian Development Bank conducted information and education activities under Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) 7450 - Project Preparation Support for Livable Cities in Asia - in Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang in the PRC. Under the project, a painting contest was held in local schools to highlight how students relate to the environment and what they make of local dumpsites.