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Priorities of the People: Hardship in Vanuatu

Publication | January 2003
Priorities of the People: Hardship in Vanuatu

Some Ni-Vanuatu are living in difficult conditions and facing real hardship as modernization strains the traditional system of sharing food and goods between all members of the community.

To better understand hardship in Vanuatu, the government initiated a 'Participatory Hardship Assessment' in 2002. Ni-Vanuatu from all walks of life, especially the poor, were asked to describe poverty and hardship from their point of view and suggest the most important priority actions to improve their lives. Interviews were held at the household level, and focus group discussions and workshops were held with the communities.

The Department of Economic and Social Development led the effort to consult with traditional and elected officials and women and youth leaders in 12 village and settlement communities. The assessment was funded by the Asian Development Bank.


  • Introduction
  • Is Hardship Really a Problem in Vanuatu?
  • What is Hardship?
  • Who is Facing Hardship?
  • What Causes Hardship?
  • What Can be Done?