Priorities of the Poor in Papua New Guinea

Publication | September 2002
Priorities of the Poor in Papua New Guinea

In modern-day Papua New Guinea, life is very difficult for poor people. Poverty is robbing people of their dignity, their potential, and in some cases, their very lives. To effectively address this problem, it is necessary to understand it from the People's point of view and find out what their priorities are for solving it. A series of community consultations, workshops, and interviews were held to find out People's views of what poverty is, what causes it, who is poor, and what can be done to alleviate it in the country. The results of this 'Participatory Poverty Assessment' are presented, along with photographs and personal stories.


  • Introduction
  • Is Poverty Really a Problem in PNG?
  • What is Poverty?
  • Who is Poor?
  • What Causes Poverty?
  • What Can Be Done?