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Reconstructing a Fragile State

Publication | December 2008
Reconstructing a Fragile State

Emerging from the ethnic tensions that tore the Solomon Islands apart from 1998 to 2003, the country's Ministry of Infrastructure Development faced a number of serious challenges.

Given the vast needs in the Solomon Islands, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development was called upon to take a leading role in post-conflict reconstruction and providing some of the foundations for economic renewal. This case study examines how capacity issues were addressed within the ministry in the post-conflict period and how the sense of crisis which prevailed in the country opened up opportunities to explore new institutional arrangements and ways of addressing infrastructure issues.


  • Foreword
  • Solomon Islands Facts
  • Introduction
  • Declining Capacity (from Bad to Worse)
  • Restoring Confidence
  • Enhancing Sector Capacity in the Post-Conflict Period
  • Reflections and Analysis