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Reducing Vehicle Emissions in Asia

Publication | June 2003
Reducing Vehicle Emissions in Asia

Effective vehicle emissions reduction requires an integrated, location-specific strategy that involves improvements in emissions standards, cleaner fuels, vehicle inspection and maintenance, and efficient transport planning.

This publication is one of the outputs of ADB's Concluding Workshop on Reducing Vehicle Emissions held on 28 February to 1 March 2002 in Manila, Philippines. It is the first volume in a series of policy guidelines derived from the five regional workshops organized by ADB from 2001 to 2002. The complete set provides an in-depth analysis of the different components of an integrated strategy to reduce pollution from mobile sources.

Policymakers in Asia are encouraged to combine the general principles outlined in the policy guidelines with their knowledge of the local situation in their respective countries and cities to arrive at effective strategies.


  • Preface and Abbreviations
  • What is the problem?
  • Why is there a problem?
  • What will happen to the pollution from vehicles in Asia if nothing is done?
  • Solutions to the problem
    • The need for an integrated, location-specific strategy
    • Emission standards and vehicle technology
    • Inspection and maintenance and other strategies to reduce vehicle emissions from in-use vehicles
    • Cleaner fuels
    • Traffic planning and demand management
  • Creating an Enabling Environment for Lasting Successful Solutions to Pollution from Vehicles
    • Managing vehicle emissions in the context of overall air quality management
    • Legal and institutional framework
    • Capacity building
    • Awareness
  • It can be done
  • Notes