Reform of the International Monetary System: An Asian Perspective

Publication | September 2014

This volume brings together studies that address aspects of reform of the international monetary system.

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The recent global financial crisis and its aftermath, including the sovereign debt and banking crisis in Europe, are key drivers of the current policy debate on the international monetary system. The crisis highlighted a number of weaknesses of the current international monetary system including over-reliance on the US dollar as the key currency for international transactions, the vulnerability of emerging economies to volatile international capital flows, and the lack of a reliable international financial safety net. Another important development is the potential development of the yuan as a global reserve currency.

This volume brings together studies that address aspects of reform of the international monetary system. Many of the studies have a specific focus on Asia, while others address such diverse areas as the implications of the eurozone crisis, reforms of the international monetary system, and cooperation of regional and global safety nets. Given that the period of very low interest rates and sluggish growth in the major developed economies is likely to persist for some time, these conditions will tend to support continued large-scale capital outflows to Asian and other emerging economies. Therefore, the topics covered in the book are both urgent and timely.

Co-published with Springer. For orders, please contact Springer.

Edited by: Masahiro Kawai, Mario Lamberte, and Peter J. Morgan


  • Reform of the International Monetary System: Introduction and Overview
  • International Monetary Reform: A Critical Appraisal of Some Proposals
  • Rethinking Capital Flows for Emerging East Asia
  • New Measures of the Trilemma Hypothesis: Implications for Asia
  • Revisiting the Internationalization of the Yuan

Additional Details

  • Finance sector development
  • 978-4-431-55033-4 (print)

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