The Rise of Asia: Perspectives and Beyond

Publication | July 2022

In this book, Mr. Takehiko Nakao reflects on his experience as President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) between April 2013 and January 2020.

The author discusses Asia's economies, insights from visits to ADB members, the bank’s operations and strategies, and Asia’s development history and future challenges. In addition, he reflects on events during his tenure as Vice-minister of Finance for International Affairs at the Japanese Ministry of Finance, from August 2011 to March 2013.


  • Introduction
  • Part I: Pre-ADB Days
    • Responding to the Appreciation and Depreciation of the Yen
    • Showing Japan’s Presence in International Finance
    • My Views on Exchange Rates
  • Part II: Seven Years with ADB
    • The President of ADB Has Three Roles
    • The Current State of the Asian Economy
    • How I Engaged with the People’s Republic of China and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    • Will Southeast Asia Continue to Grow?
    • The Potential of South Asian Countries
    • Can Central Asian Countries Overcome the Challenges of Landlocked, Resource-Rich countries?
    • Can the Pacific Developing Member Countries Capitalize on Their Opportunities?
    • Visiting Developed Countries and Attending International Conferences
    • Reforming ADB’s Operations, Consolidating the Capital base, and Formulating New Strategies
  • Part III: Learning from the History of Development in Asia
    • Why Did Asia Develop?
    • Reflecting on Various Aspects of Development
    • My Thoughts on the Future of Asia
  • Closing Remarks

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • 348
  • 6 x 9
  • 978-92-9269-569-9 (electronic)

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