Samoa 2000 | Asian Development Bank

Samoa 2000

Publication | November 2000

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of current economic and key sector developments in Samoa.

The immediate challenge of the Government is to continue the momentum of the recent economic reforms and in particular make more effective progress with reform of various public enterprises to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Other important challenges include:

  • making further progress on budget reforms
  • broadening the tax base
  • addressing infrastructure and policy weaknesses in the rapidly growing fishing sector
  • improving the quality of primary education, the scope and effectiveness of preventive health care, and the prospects of poorer people in society


  • Development Outcomes and Challenges
  • Macroeconomic Performance and Policies
  • Impediments to Business and Government Policy Responses
  • Public-Sector Reform
  • Population Growth and Human Resource Development Implications
  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment
  • Fisheries
  • Tourism